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Autumn 2021

Economics in Pulp and Paper Making

The course is a post-gradual course. The objective is to increase the understanding of the interplay between economic and technology factors, and between different industrial sectors, in the forest-based value chains and biorefinery production. The course combines economic and management theory lectures with presentations of industrial cases by industry representatives.  Driving forces behind the …

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Biotechnology for Pulp and Paper Industry

This course will give an overview of the biotechnical processes in the pulp and paper industry, with a focus on Bottlenecks and developing areas. Overview of wood degrading organisms and enzymes. Overview of industrial production of enzymes. Transgenic trees. Enzymatic and microbial techniques for pulp and paper industry including both established techniques and others still …

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Unit Processes in Pulping

· Wood, fibre, and pulp characterisation · Chemical and mechanical fibre separation. Refining · Screening/fractionation theory and technology · Peroxide and dithionite bleaching chemistry. Brightness reversion · Bleaching of chemical pulp · Control and simulation in pulping · Water- and energy balances. Environmental aspects. · Use of mechanical and chemical pulps in different products

WWSC summer school 2021

WWSC summer school 2021 will be held online due to Covid-19. Treesearch students that want to attend, please register in the registration form below.  WWSC Academy are courses that contain lectures, study visits and group work on specific topics for 3 – 4 days and are arranged by WWSC twice a year. The courses are open …

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