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WWSC Summer School 2020

Wood based fibers and nanofibrils. Surface and colloidal properties

Course content:

WWSC Academy are courses that contain lectures, study visits and group work on specific topics for 3 – 4 days and are arranged by WWSC twice a year. The courses are open to all Treesearch doctoral students.

The maximum number of participants are 15 Treesearch PhD students. Apply by filling the form below. A confirmation mail will be sent out after the registration is closed.

Learning objectives:

WWSC Academy is a graduate student school with two, week long, courses per year with the aim to facilitate for collaborations and to close the gap between academic research and industry. They are called the winter and summer school and are mandatory for all WWSC-students, The winter schools are given in march/april and the summer schools are given in August/September. Generally, all WWSC-academy courses are given 2 ECT, but some exception may occur. In this academy, the students will get an overview of the research field within renewable materials from wood and gain knowledge of topics not directly connected to their current research, spanning from nursing of plants, efining into streams, characterization and modification into desired properties materials and finaliy into the challenges to commercialize new products. All courses include, apart from lectures, team building activitities, project work, presentation and study visits to relevant industries to strengthen connect between each other to nurture future collaborations, meet industry and to an overview of the Swedish forest industry.


WWSC Academy is since 2019 open for PhD students from other research projects and universities via Treesearch. 
Director of studies for WWSC-Academy is professor Paul Gatenholm.


August 24-28, 2020




July 25, 2020


Researchers from WWSC, see schedule



As doctorial student: Enlisted as PhD student either to WWSC Academy or as associated to Treesearch to be able to register to the course. WWSC Academy students are automatically registrered. The research field should be in a scientific or engineering field related to material science/engineering, biotechnology, organic electronics, physics/physics engineering, chemistry or chemical engineering, or any other related field.

Course fee:

The course is free of charge but you have to either belong to WWSC Academy or be associated to Treesearch to be able to register to the course. The course are mandatory for all WWSC Ph.D-students and there are a limit number of places for Treesearch associated Ph.D-students. The cost for the travel is covered by the participant. Treesearch is covering the cost for the accommodation and meals.

Course responsible:

Gunnar Westman (Treesearch), Paul Gatenholm (WWSC-Academy),



If you have problems with the registration please contact