COVID-19 update (Jan 2021). Treesearch is following the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the local restrictions from the Treesearch partners. Due to health concerns and  travel restrictions all courses during spring 2021 will be given as on-line courses. For summer and autumn we hope to give courses in person, with the complementary possibility to attend on-line.

Lignin – A hidden gem for biorefineries

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The course is cancelled 2021 due to the Corona situation.

This summer course, given by the departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Lund University, covers aspects of lignin research from the scientific, analytical and industrial points of view.

Topics: Lignin chemistry, Plant engineering, Depolymerization of lignin, Chemicals from lignin, Chemical analysis of lignin.

This is an outstanding opportunity to widen your perspectives on lignin in the lab and in the industry, and also to discuss with researchers in this field in a relaxed and cooperative environment.

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