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Treesearch Insight 2023

5. Building and commissioning a portable Raspberry Pi-based light tomography scanner for educational and scientific use and advancements

Kitchen-Based Light Tomography (KBLT) is a DIY toolkit for advancing tomography developed by and for the tomography community. KBLT uses a Raspberry Pi (RPi) single-board computer to control stepper motors for both rotation and translation, a web camera, and LED flash lights via a Graphical User Interface (GUI), in combination with a thin sheet of paper, as a detector screen.

To demonstrate the capabilities of KBLT, both non-transparent and transparent objects were scanned under both static (3D) and dynamic (4D) acquisition modes, also in combination with sample environments, thus modifying the sample during scanning

– The KBLT can be used by tomography users – for education and training, prior to carrying out a real X-ray or neutron tomography experiment.
– The KBLT will be useful for beamline scientists – for testing and implementing new hardware and software solutions, in situations where the X-ray or neutron beam is not available.
– The KBLT will allow computational researchers working with algorithm development, e.g., image reconstruction, image processing and analysis to test their algorithms on easily-generated KBLT datasets, both in 3D and 4D.
– Building and collaborating on this open-source KBLT project is foreseen to aid, develop and strengthen the international tomography community.