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OTR / WVTR – Oxygen and Water Vapor Transmission Rate Testing

At RISE, the quality of barriers is measured and verified using oxygen or water vapor ASTM-rated Mocon equipment. OTR (oxygen transmission rate) and WVTR (water vapor transmission rate) tests are performed in accordance with the established industry accepted methods for both sample preparation and analysis.

The MOCON instruments comply with the ASTM standards: F1927 - 07, F1249 - 13 and D3985 - 05. In the current state we have 5 Ox-Tran, 3 Permatran and 1 Aquatran. We can test at a defined temperature and humidity. OTR takes from 1 to 4 weeks. WVTR 1-2 weeks. The price is defined for a double or a single test and for a method with a given temperature and moisture content.