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Fibre-based materials for next generation energy storage systems

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In this project we will explore the possibilities given by fibre-based wood polymer materials for applications for high capacity batteries, for electromobility as well as grid energy storage. These materials offer routes for modification and tuning of chemistry, the morphology and processing to obtain e.g. tailored porosity and functionality. This tailoring is needed both on the electrode side, where fibre based cellulose materials are precursors for nano-structured carbon electrodes, and as electrolyte membranes where e.g. the cellulose-based membranes can be directly applied. In particular we will focus on the possibility to develop self-supporting structures through self-standing membranes that can open up for new device configuration and design. To develop new materials, we will need to build knowledge around the role of molecular and nanoscale structures, interactions and process in the battery. Advanced electrochemical and materials characterization (XPS, x-ray imaging and Raman spectroscopy) is a key to follow how the materials behave and their functionality.

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