The use of bio-polymers in micro fluidic devices for biomedical applications

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“By combining the knowledge in the field of surface modification with bio-polymers such as cellulose with the knowledge in microfluidic devices for biomedical applications. We foresee a huge potential in creating new useful devices for future increased health.During the recent decade cellulose in the form of different types of nano cellulose have attracted a large interest into different types of application. One such field that have not been extensively evaluated is the use in medical diagnostics. Different sources of cellulose surfaces can be prepared and modified with either chemical grafting or physisorption to increase interactions with other materials relevant for biomedical applications such as diagnostics. . Works have previously been done for fundamental understanding of the modified surfaces. Now by combining the build-up knowledge with the knowledge of microfluidics paves the way for new era of diagnostic devices. “

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