Association to Treesearch

As Associated Researcher, you have access to Treesearch’s programme of courses, research infrastructure, conferences and collaboration activities. Here you find information and links to the application.

STEP 1. Association of projects

Association of projects is the first step* in becoming an Associated researcher.

The application is made by the project manager.

STEP 2. Association of researchers

Individual association is the second step, which is done in person.

The link requires a password.

Who can become an Associated researcher?

The application is open to you who work in Sweden in research on new materials and specialty chemicals from forest raw materials. To become an Associated researcher you have to be one of 

Researcher in the academy at a Swedish university

PhD student or postdoctor

Researcher in industry or at institute (Treesearch partners only)

How to become an Associated researcher

Association to Treesearch takes place in two steps.

Step 1 is to associate a research project*. This is done once per project by the project manager. The application is open to all projects within Treesearch’s thematic research areas, regardless the size of the project. Treesearch will then contact the project manager to provide a password for the second part of the application.

In step 2, researchers in the project can, after recieving a password from the project manager, individually apply to become Associated researcher in Treesearch. You will get an instant conformation of that Treesearch has recieved your application and a final conformation will be sent within some days. 

The application must be made individually to comply with the data protection regulation (GDPR). You only need to fill in the application one time, even if you are active in several projects.

Links to both steps are found above. If you have questions about the association process, contact

* Exceptions: If you are a researcher employed in an organization that is a Treesearch partner, and have research activities within Treesearch thematic research areas, you can become an Associate researcher without belonging to an Associated project. To get a password, please contact the contact person for direct association to Treesearch in your organization.

TREESEARCH logotype 2 black

This is what you get as Associated Researcher in Treesearch


  • Conferences and collaboration activities. Participation in conferences, seminars and workshops arranged within Treesearch
  • Courses and education. Participation in courses arranged within Treesearch.
  • Research infrastructure. Priority access to and reduced fees for use of advanced research infrastructures. In addition, support for planning of experiment, implementation and analysis of results.
  • Network. Access to Treesearch’s network in academia and industry with the potential to influence the research area.
  • Information and information channels. As an Associated researcher in Treesearch, you will have access to newsletters and updates from Treesearch.
  • Support for conferences and seminars.  If you have arrangements that are within Treesearch’s research areas, you can get support.

As an Associated Researcher in Treesearch, you are expected to

  • Regularly participate in activities organized by Treesearch (such as conferences and workshops) and present research results at given occasions. 
  • Acknowledgments in publications: Associated projects are encouraged to have the following wording in acknowledgment: “This research has been supported by”. Publications where Treesearch has contributed with support for use of research infrastructure should have the following wording in acknowledgment: “This research has been supported by”.
  • Treesearch PhD students are encoureged to participate in courses provided within the framework of Treesearch. Th courses will both provide relevant, updated knowledge and give a network for the future.
  • Inform Treesearch about activities carried out in projects where other researchers in Treesearch can be invited and participate. Dissertations will be advertised on the Treesearch website.