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COVID-19 update (June 2). Treesearch is following the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the local restrictions from the Treesearch partners. Due to health concerns and  travel restrictions, we have been forced to postpone the courses for spring 2020. Treesearch is working on converting the courses  for Autumn 2020 to on-line courses when possible to enable to study the courses remotely. Updates will be posted on the course pages.

Within Treesearch, education for doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers from academia, institutes and industry is arranged to meet the needs of the future. The educational programme aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience by including course elements that provide hands-on training and study visits.

Treesearch organizes courses at overview level (O) and focus level (F), infrastructure courses and courses together with WWSC Academy. The majority of these courses are given during a cohesive period or alternatively there are opportunities to follow the course remotely to facilitate for participants from other locations.

The courses are aimed primarily at doctoral students and, secondly, at postdoctoral students, researchers at universities and those from industry. The O courses also have students at the master’s level the opportunity to participate in. All courses have learning objectives and quality follow-up according to the rules that exist at the educational institution that gives the course.

Treesearch takes over FPIRC's course activates

Treesearch takes over the course activities from FPIRC. In 2019, the previous FPIRC courses will be announced on both Treesearch’s and FPIRC’s website.

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If you have questions regarding the education and courses in Treesearch, please contact Gunnar Westman, Deputy director, Education.