Conference concept

Conferences, seminars and study visits

Treesearch creates recurring meeting places to promote collaboration between academia, industry and research institutes. Within Treesearch there are conference concepts that describe different types of activities, ranging from large multi-day conferences to smaller study visits. Read more about the conference concepts below.

Treesearch Progress

Scientific conference with speakers from Treesearch’s organisation that presents the progress of the platform and invited speakers featuring the latest scientific advances. The main focus is to create a recurring meeting place for internal knowledge integration within Treesearch and to strengthen the vision.

The first Treesearch Progress will be held 7-8 May 2019 at Vildmarkshotellet, Kolmården.

Treesearch Scientific Sessions

A seminar series with scientific relevance to Treesearch 4 thematic research areas focusing on a particular subject per event. Often shorter seminars or one-day activities focusing on a particular topic and arranged by researchers in Treesearch. Usually held in premises at higher education institutions and may have invited speakers.

An example of a Treesearch Scienctific Session was the hemicellulose seminar in April 2018, arranged by researchers within WWSC.  


Treesearch Foresight

Future-oriented conferences and events with a mix of science and social issues. Can be targeted at specific groups such as students, doctoral students or the public.

One example was the Treesearch conference held during SPCI&Friends ant Gröna Lund, 2018.

Treesearch Meet

All study visits that occur between Treesearch partners will be listed as Treesearch Meet. These are held to expand cooperation between partners in Treesearch and create contacts between organisations.

Treesearch Insight

Provides insight into technical and scientific results from an associated activity or project within Treesearch. More extensive conferences that may be half-day, day-to-day or multi-day. A little more formal and marketed as conferences.

Treesearch Insight WWSC and Treesearch Insight BiMaC Innovations are two examples that were held during 2018.

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