About Treesearch

knowledge and competence for the forest-based materials of the future

Treesearch is Sweden’s so far largest investment in creating a collaboration platform for fundamental research, knowledge and competence building in the field of new materials and speciality chemicals from forest raw material.

The collaboration between academia, industry, private foundations and the government creates a world-leading, open research environment in the form of a national research platform, which contributes to the development of competences and knowledge that enables future innovations based on the forest.

Treesearch creates a world-leading research platform for new materials and specialty chemicals with the forest as a raw material and provides a powerful boost for Sweden’s ability to turn into a bio-based economy by 2050.

 Treesearch is expected to yield the following effects:

  • An increased knowledge and competence level within academia and industry that will contribute to the development of Sweden’s future industries that produce and use bio-based materials and specialty chemicals from forest raw materials.
  • Pioneering research results that can be transformed into high tech and innovations in Swedish industry and help to meet the climate challenge
  • Training of 250 to 300 young researchers equipped with unique cutting edge skills and research tools that can develop new knowledge and new technologies to the forest industry and related industries

Treesearch was initiated as a project within Wallenberg Wood Science Center (WWSC), launched in 2017 and will be in full operation in 2019.