ForMAX is a unique investment to facilitate research on new and improved forest materials and its manufacturing processes with the purpose of contributing to a future sustainable society. ForMAX is made possible by a donation from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the industry’s investment in Treesearch.

The ForMAX synchrotron beamline at the MAX IV synchrotron in Lund will be an instrument dedicated to solve research questions regarding biocomposites, nanocellulose, modification of wood, the pulping process, fiber ultrastructure and fiber-fiber bonding. It will feature a tailor-made combination of experimental techniques providing unique opportunities for advanced material characterization and the ability to follow complex real-time processes. ForMAX will also serve as a portal to make available other instruments and measurement techniques on MAX IV, all of which may be useful for research on bio-based materials. By contributing to close and successful research collaboration between academia and industry, ForMAX will also contribute to the Swedish forest industry’s competitiveness.

ForMAX is a collaboration between Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Swedish forest industry, where KAW finances the construction of the beamline with a donation of 100 million kronor and the industry will contribute to the operations with SEK 8 million yearly for ten years, ensured through Treesearch. Through this commitment, researchers active in research projects linked to Treesearch will be offered priority access to advanced characterization based on synchrotron light at MAX IV.

The construction of ForMAX started 2019, and the beamline will be operational 2022. Prior to that, there will be opportunities to perform method development and research using synchrotron light through the use of sources within the framework of Treesearch.

ForMAX Infrastructure Webinar Series

Welcome to a webinar series on the ForMAX infrastructure! Take the opportunity to learn more about the MAX IV laboratory, the ForMAX beamline, and how to get access to the instrument.

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