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Research studies in industrial collaboration within Treesearch

Treesearch's and BioInnovation's call 2017

In the fall of 2017, Vinnova opened Treesearch’s and BioInnovation’s first call for research studies in collaboration with the industry. The call supports doctoral or postdoctoral projects aimed at developing new materials and special chemicals from forest raw materials that are conducted in collaboration with companies.

In total 11 projects got financing through this call.

Results from the projects were presented during the first day of Treesearch Progress 2020 online edition. You can find posters and presentations from several of the projects at the conference website>>

Project leader: Annette Larsson
Project partners: Chalmers, Södra
Project period: 

Project leader: Gunnar Westman
Project partners: Chalmers, Stora Enso
Project period: 

Project leader: Magnus Berggren
Project partners: Linköpings universitet, Ahlström-Munksjö
Project period: 2018-02-01 – 2020-07-31

Project leader: Eva Malmström
Project partners: KTH, Stora Enso, AkzoNobel, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Holmen
Project period: 2018-11-01 – 2020-12-31

Project leader: Xavier Crispin
Project partners: Linköpings universitet
Project period: 2018-02-01 – 2020-05-31

Project leader: Martin Lawoko
Project partners: KTH, Stora Enso
Project period: 2018-02-01 – 2020-05-31

Project leader: Sylvia Larsson
Project partners: SLU, Valmet
Project period: 

Project leader: Ulf Olsson
Project partners: Lunds universitet
Project period: 2018-02-01 – 2020-07-31

Project leader: Artem Kulachenko
Project partners: KTH, BillerudKorsnäs
Project period: 2018-02-01 – 2020-04-30

Project leader: Mathias Wallin
Project partners: Lunds universitet, Tetra Pak
Project period: 2018-02-01 – 2020-10-31

Project leader: Per Larsson
Project partners: KTH, BillerudKorsnäs
Project period: 2018-02-01 – 2021-08-15