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2019 Sep 26


14:00 - 15:00


Treesearch corridor, KTH


Lars Berglund

Scientific Session: Professor Lars Berglund

Wood nanotechnology and its foundation in polymer science

Professor Lars Berglund is Head of the Division of Biocomposites at KTH and director of Wallenberg Wood Science  Center (WWSC). The seminar is given as a part of the KTH series Current Research in Fibre and Polymer Science and is open for you who are Treesearch associated by streaming or at KTH (Treesearch, Teknikringen 35a). 

Registration for streaming of the seminar:   Registration is needed for the streaming (registration closes September 26 at 12.00).

For attending the seminar at KTH you don’t have to register, but it makes it easier for the organizers to plan.