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2021 Jan 27


15:15 - 16:00




Professor Siegfried Waldvogel,
Professor Siegfried Waldvogel,

Scientific Session: Professor Siegfried Waldvogel – Electrochemical conversion of side-streams from the pulping factory to value-added products

Welcome to an online seminar with professor Siegfried Waldvogel, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), on the topic of electrochemical conversion of industrial side-streams. 

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About Professor Siegfried Waldvogel:

Professor Siegfried Waldvogel is Head of the Institute of Organic Chemistry at JGU, speaker of SusInnoScience and Director of the Gutenberg Research College at JGU. His research focuses on novel electro-organic transformations, including transformation of bio-based feedstocks, and covers the whole range of electrolysis development; from screening techniques to upscaling of electrosynthetic conversions. Examples of professor Waldvogel’s research include lignin-based electrolytes for batteries and new, more efficient and environmentally-friendly methods to produce vanillin from lignin.

Professor Waldvogel’s research has led to highly cited scientific publications as well as patents and the start-up ESy-Labs GmbH. During his career, Professor Waldvogel has been awarded several prestigious awards within the electrochemistry research community. 

Read more about Prof. Waldvogel’s recent research:

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A greener path toward vanillin from paper pulp (c&en May 2020)

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