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2019 Mar 14


09:00 - 16:00


Palmstedtssalen Chalmers


SuMo Biomaterials

Treesearch Insight: SUMO Continuation

Welcome the joint SuMo Continuation and Treeseach seminar “What are the next steps to achieve sustainable bio-based materials?”

For whom: Everyone that are interesting of developing new bio-based materials and wants to learn more about how it is to work at the border between the academia and industry
Cost: No cost, except for an open mind

The meeting will focus on challenges we face, for instance global warming, high emissions of green-house gases, and need of new bio-based materials replacing the fossil-based ones, to mention a few. Our speakers will also show how these border-crossing actions serve as inspiration for research and development. As speakers, we have the honor to host the former president of Chalmers, Prof. Karin Markides now chair of the Swedish Scientific Council for Sustainable Development and Prof. Magnus Nydén, global chief scientist at NOURYON. Prof Karin Markides will give her view on sustainable development and Magnus Nydén, will focus his talk on how collaboration between industry and academia are used to tackle sustainability challenges. This will be followed by short presentations from industry, institute and academia, highlighting research and development successes when working towards a common research agenda.


Please register before the 8th of March by using the link


Below you find the preliminary program

9.00-9.10                       Welcome to Chalmers
Maria Abrahamsson, Area of advance Materials Science, Chalmers, Gothenburg

9.10-9.40                       TBD
Karin Markides, The Swedish Scientific Council for Sustainable Development

9.45-10.15                      COFFEE

10.20-10.50                    TBD
Magnus Nydén, Nouryon, Stenungsund

10.50-11.15                     TBD,
TetraPak, Lund

11.15-11.45                      Take home messages from a 10 year competence center and outlook of future challenges,
Anette Larsson, SuMo BIOMATERIALS, Chalmers, Gothenburg

11.45-12.45                     LUNCH

12.50-13.15                     Microstructure and transport in biobased materials
Niklas Lorén, RISE, Gothenburg

13.20-13.45                    Colloidal particle aggregation in three dimensions
Aila Särkkä, Chalmers, Gothenburg

13.50 – 14.15                  Mathematical modeling and simulations of molecular transport for industrial soft biomaterials
Tobias Gebäck, Chalmers, Gothenburg

14.15-14.35                     COFFEE

14.40-15.00                   TBD
Christian von Corswant, AstraZeneca, Gothenburg

15.00-15.30                    Treesearch – new materials from forest raw materials
Aleksandar Matic, Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden

15.35-15.50                    Panel discussion

15.50                              Closure

16.00                              End of the day.



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