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Unit Processes in Pulping

Course content:

· Wood, fibre, and pulp characterisation
· Chemical and mechanical fibre separation. Refining
· Screening/fractionation theory and technology
· Peroxide and dithionite bleaching chemistry. Brightness reversion
· Bleaching of chemical pulp
· Control and simulation in pulping
· Water- and energy balances. Environmental aspects.
· Use of mechanical and chemical pulps in different products

Learning objectives:

The student will after the course have a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms in chemical and mechanical pulping and how pulp qualities for different end use is related to wood properties and pulping conditions, and a basic understanding of control strategies in pulping and of environmental issues.

October 11-15, 2021




October 1, 2021


Professors and research leaders from industry see course program for details


Distributed material


Course fee:

For Treesearch associated Ph.D-students and post-doc the course is free of charge. For persons from Industries associated to Treesearch the course cost is 5000:- SEK for one person, 9000:- (4500:-/person) SEK for two persons and 12000:- (4000:-/person) for three persons. For persons belonging to organizations not associated to Treesearch the cost is 21.300 SEK

Course responsible:

Dr Jan-Erik Berg, MIUN

Maximum number of participants: 25

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