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TEM/STEM Thermo Fisher Themis Z

The Themis Z is a high-end TEM/STEM instrument. It is equipped with both probe and image aberration correctors enabling spatial resolution as good as 60 pm in both STEM and TEM at 300kV. The Gatan Oneview camera with in-situ option is suitable for fast acquisition of high quality TEM images (up to 300 frames per second). A range of STEM detectors are present for collecting signals simultaneously to form different images. A four quadrant Super-X EDX detector enables high analytical capability down to atomic scale. A Gatan imaging filter (Quantum ER) for electron energy loss spectrometer (EELS) and energy-filtered imaging provides fast spectrum acquisition (1000/sec). The field-emission electron gun is equipped with a monochromator; the use of such an electron probe in analytical studies with EELS provide high energy resolution (<0.2 eV). Several holders are available including holders for liquid nitrogen cooling and heating experiments.


  • Schottky-type field emission gun XFEG with Monochromator
  • Acceleration Voltages: 300 kV, 200 kV, 60 kV
  • Probe and Image Cs aberration correctors
  • Resolution: 300 kV: ≤ 60 pm, 200kV: ≤ 70 pm, 60 kV: ≤100 pm
  • Gatan Oneview camera with In-situ option (4kx4k, ≥300 fps at 512x512)
  • SuperX EDS detector (Resolution ≤136 eV, Detectable Z≥B)
  • Gatan Quantum 965 ER (Energy spread: 0.25 eV at 300 kV, CCD for image filter: 2kx2k)