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Circular cellulose to textile fiber production

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The overall aim is to enable an upscaled process for textile fiber production based on alternative cellulose rich feedstocks together with TreeToTextile’s process, which is resource and energy-efficient without use of toxic chemicals. The proposed project focuses on the knowledge development for utilization of cellulose from residual streams, such as agricultural waste streams, recycled cartonboard/paper, and recycled textiles (i.e. cotton and viscose) for dissolving pulp to the production of textile fibers. We will develop and validate how to extract cellulose from these streams to prepare a dissolving pulp. A combination of process developments and novel methodologies will be utilized. The project will cover the whole value chain from raw material, to process industry, to the end user to validate the processed material. All partners will promote knowledge transfer to provide a broad competence educating platform. Altogether this contributes to an increased resource efficient biobased circular economy.

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