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New specific chemical modifications for fibre functionalization including topo-selective modifications and advanced structure and chemical characterization

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Identify robust modification strategies that unfolds a new generation of deliginified wet wood fibres with customizable properties. The scientific question that need to be addressed is strongly coupled to the apparent pore size of deliginified wet wood fibres and thereof the diffusion aspects of molecular/macromolecular/nanoparticle probes to homogenously bind to the exterior and interior of the fibres. Reactive probes of different structural geometries, functional group representation and hydrodymanic size will therefore be sought out and utilized for diffuse-and-functionalize assessment. An important aspect is the characterization protocols to qualitatively and quantitatively assess the modification of the fibres. Upon successful modification, the library of reactive probes will be inherently altered to express heterogeneous functionalities that can deliver beyond state-of-the-art fibres having the capacity to perform multiple tasks.

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