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From Boreal Wood to Bioproducts:

Shaping the Future Bioeconomy

Online conference, May 26, 2021

Welcome to the first joint event of Treesearch, FinnCERES and the BioProducts Institute (BPI) at the University of British Columbia. The first conference to collect research activities on forest-based materials from Sweden, Finland and Canada.

The conference is open to everyone associated to either Treesearch, FinnCERES, or BPI.

Information about the online event

The conference will take place in two different sessions using the online tool Gatherly which is a virtual conference venue. In this conference you will get an overview of the collaboration platform Treesearch, the competence center FinnCERES, and the BioProducts Institute of the Universioty of British Colombia. You will get the opportunity to listen to researchers and doctoral students presenting their research projects to get a deeper insight into the different research areas taking place in Sweden, Finland and Canada. You will also get to mingle during the coffee breaks using an avatar to walk around in the conference venue and connecting by video and audio to other participants.

Deadline for registration: 21st of May


Part 1

08:30 – 12.15, GMT +1

Sweden: The event starts at 8.30 and ends at 12.15 (GMT +1)
Finland: The event starts at 9.30 and ends at 13.15 (GMT +2)
Canada: The event starts at 11.30 PM and ends 03.15 AM (GMT -7)

The times below are stated in Swedish times
08.30Coffee mingle

Welcome and Introduction
Daniel Söderberg

Orlando Rojas
BioProducts Institute at the University of British Columbia

Tekla Tammelin


The Boreal Forest – Northern Perspectiveon Bioeconomy

Lauri Sikanen, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Werner Kurz, Natural Resources Canada

Mikael Hannus, Stora Enso, Sweden


Panel discussion

Mikael Hannus, Stora Enso, Sweden

Werner Kurz, Natural Resources Canada

Lauri Sikanen, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Daniel Söderberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Orlando Rojas, University of British Columbia, Canada

Tekla Tammelin, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland

10.45Coffee break + Mingle

Scientific presentations from FinnCERES, BPI and Treesearch

Fighting microbes with wood components
Monika Österberg, Aalto University

Infrastructure for Ground-breaking Research
Anastasia Riazanova, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Hemicellulose Hydrolysis: A Machine Learning Approach
Heather Trajano, University of British Columbia


Wrap-up of Part 1

12.15Mingle area open in Gatherly

Part 2

16.45 – 19.15, GMT +1

Sweden: The event starts at 16.45 and ends 19.15 (GMT +1)
Finland: The event starts at 17.45 and ends at 20.15 (GMT +2)
Canada: The event starts at 07.45 AM and ends 10.15 AM (GMT -7)
The times below are stated in Swedish times
16.45Coffee mingle
17.00Welcome and Introduction

Keynote presentation:

Decarbonising the Economy: Pretreatment, enzymes, deconstruction, fibre modification, 
and Low-CI biofuels for the long distance transport sector

Jack Saddler
Professor, University of British Columbia


Scientific presentations in parallel sessions

See separate program for speakers and abstracts >>

Session 1: Biorefineries & Processing Challenges

Session 2: Applications from Bionanoparticles

Session 3: Beyond Plastics

Session 4: Hybrids for Electronics & Energy

19.00Wrap-up of Part 2 + End of Conference
19.15 Mingle area open in Gatherly

Please observe that the program and further information can be changed and updated closer to the conference

Registration and Abstract Submission

Registration is closed.

 Registration is free and open for you who are associated to Treesearch, FinnCERES or BPI. 

FinnCERES - Redefining Bioeconomy with advanced bio-based materials

FinnCERES is a competence centre, jointly formed by Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in the area of materials bioeconomy. 

Our work is to uncover answers to the most fundamental questions about lignocellulose disassembly and re-assembly and to create new, cost-competitive, bio-based materials that are expected to address the main challenges of our century, including resource sufficiency and climate change.

Our research is focused on four themes:

  • Future Biorefineries
  • Clean Air and Water
  • Lignocellulosics Beyond Plastics
  • Electronics, Optics, and Energy Applications

The Flagship operates in close collaboration with industry and other stakeholders to create economic and societal impact

BPI - BioProducts Institute at the University of British Columbia

The BioProducts Institute is changing the way our society collaborates with nature for a sustainable and renewable future.

The BioProducts Institute (BPI)  brings together inter- and multi-disciplinary researchers comprised of scientists, engineers, and market and policy experts to unlock the full potential of materials, chemicals and fuels produced in nature. Based on the guiding principles of circularity, sustainability and renewability, BPI seeks to reduce society’s footprint and tackle rampant environmental challenges such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste.

BPI’s research and applied research center around:

  • Bio-nanoparticle enabled materials and solutions
  • Biocatalytic transformation and engineering of biomass
  • Bio-based polymers and carbon materials
  • Biorefinery and biofuels systems

Treesearch - Collaboration on the research on new materials from the forest

Treesearch is a Swedish initiative where the academic and industrial sectors work together with private foundations and the central government to create a world-leading open research environment for the future bioeconomy.

We create an open research environment which contributes to the development of competences and knowledge that enables future innovations based on the forest.

Our research is concentrated within four areas: 

  • Wood and Wood Components – Structure and Modification
  • Biorefinary for Materials and Chemical Systems
  • Fabrication of Liquid and Solid Material Systems
  • New Material Concepts – Material Design and Functionality


For questions regarding the conference and content please contact Kristin Witzel, coordinator, Collaboration at