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Treesearch Meet Infrastructure -
Laboratory of Organic Electronics

Study visit, 22 November 2022, Campus Norrköping

Treesearch Meet is back with a study visit to the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE) at Linköping University, focusing on infrastructure.

At this study visit, researchers at LOE give an inside into their research projects in the area of organic electronic materials as well as into equipment and instruments that can be found in the LOE Labs in central Norrköping. Take the opportunity to learn more about available Treesearch infrastructure while making new connections for future collaboration.

 Registration is free and open for you who are associated to Treesearch. The number of places is limited.

This study visit is divided into two parts: an introduction to LOE and research presentations, followed by guided lab tours in smaller groups to the LOE facilities. 

The event will take place at Campus Norrköping.

This a Treesearch Meet event with focus on infrastructure; a study visit to expand cooperation between partners in Treesearch and create contacts between organisations.


The program is preliminary and changes might occure.


Program point




Kåkenhus, K4


Treesearch Research Infrastructure
Anastasia Riazanova, Coordinator Infrastructure, KTH

Kåkenhus, K4


The Laboratory of Organic Electronics: Research and Research Facilities
Mats Fahlman, Professor, LiU

Kåkenhus, K4


Ion Diffusion through Nanocellulose Membranes:
Molecular Dynamics Study
Igor Zozoulenko, Professor, LiU

Kåkenhus, K4


Low-power printed organic electronics
Simone Fabiano, Associate Professor, LiU

Kåkenhus, K4


Recyclable electroactive cellulose coatings
Johanna Heimonen, PhD student, LiU

Kåkenhus, K4




Guided tours of the LOE Labs
The guided tours of the labs will take place in smaller groups.


Coffee break

Kåkenhus, K4


Discussion and Wrap-up

Kåkenhus, K4


End of study visit

Practical details

When: 22nd of November 2022; the program starts at 10.00 and ends at 16.00.

Where: Linköping University, Campus Norrköping, Building Kåkenhus, Room K4

Who can attend: This study visit is open for everyone who is associated to Treesearch as well as for invited guests. The number of places is limited. Make sure to register as soon as possible to secure yourself a spot.

Costs: This study visit is free of charge.

Registration deadline: 15th November

Registration is closed


For questions regarding the study visit and content please contact