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New method for making nano paper
Researchers at KTH have developed a method that dramatically simplifies the production of nanopaper and thus opens up opportunities for new packaging materials. Now you can read a longer article about the project at
Photo: Johan Olsson
Photo: Johan Olsson

Yunus Can Görür, doctoral student in Fiber Technology at KTH, supervised by Professor Lars Wågberg and Doctor Per Larsson, has in his doctoral project managed to show that it is possible to chemically pre-treat fibers in such a way that it is possible to first make paper from the fibers and then subject them to a simple secondary treatment in which the fibers decompose into nanofibers in the manufactured paper.

The research is conducted in collaboration with BillerudKorsnäs and is one of the projects that were granted funding in Treesearch’s and BioInnovation’s call from 2017.

– If we make this work on a large scale, it would be a revolution for the opportunity to produce nanopaper industrially, says Karoliina Junka, BillerudKorsnäs.

Read more in the article at bioinnovation.e (in Swedish) >>


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