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Bright possibility to extract hydrogen peroxide from lignin
Researchers at Linköping University have shown that the pulp industry could extract hydrogen peroxide from its own process - just by adding light. The research project is one of the projects that got funding in the Treesearch's and BioInnovation's call from 2017.

By exposing the lignin in the pulp to daylight, a photocatalytic production of hydrogen peroxide takes place inside the pulp process.

– This could mean a real simplification of the manufacturing process for bleached paper. You simply skip the step of adding hydrogen peroxide from the outside. Instead, the mass is exposed to light, explains Eric Glowacki, senior lecturer at the Laboratory for Organic Electronics (LOE) at Linköping University.

The discovery of the reaction has been made by doctoral student Eva Miglbauer, as part of her doctoral project at LOE.

Now you can read an article about the research at (in Swedish).

To Eva Miglbauer’s poster at Treesearch Progress 2020 >>

Photochemical evolution of hydrogen peroxide on lignins
Eva Miglbauer, Maciej Gryszel and Eric Daniel Głowacki D
OI: 10.1039/C9GC04324A (Communication) Green Chem., 2020, 22, 673-677

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