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Research on materials from the forest in Vetenskapens värld
In the Swedish national television's science program Vetenskapens Värld, the viewers got to see examples of material from the forest from the research center Wallenberg Wood Science Center.
Photo: Vetenskapens Värld, SVT
Photo: Vetenskapens Värld, SVT

In the program Vetenskapens värld (Swedish for World of Science), a series is currently ongoing on the forest’s and the forestry’s impact in an environmental and climate perspective. The program series highlights various aspects of the subject, and as an example of what can be done with the forest in the future, WWSC’s director Eva Malmström showed examples of research.

Photo: Vetenskapens värld, SVT

The segment in which WWSC participates can be seen on SVT play. There you can also find the other episodes in the series.

Episode 3: Trä till allt

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Photo: Vetenskapens värld, SVT

Read more about Wallenberg Wood Science Center and the research at

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