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The industrial graduate school Resource-smart Processes is starting up
Achieving sustainable development requires resource-smart processes for efficient use of bio-based raw materials. That is why the forest industry, the chemical and textile industries together with universities and institutes are now starting an industrial graduate school on resource-smart processes.
Eco friendly green living
Eco friendly green living

Now starts Resource-smart Processes – a national industrial graduate school for bio-based processes. The doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows in Resource-smart Processes will work with development close to world-leading researchers and industry.

– We need more people with process knowledge in the bio-based industry – to be able to continue to develop sustainable products and materials for a global market. says Catrin Gustavsson, business area manager Innovation at Södra, which is one of the players that initiated the business research school.

Read more in the article on ‘Graduate school for the resource-smart processes of the future’  (in Swedish)


The projects are now seeking doctoral students and postdocs. All current job advertisements are collected at

The website is currently in Swedish, but you can find the job advertisements in English.

About Resource-smart Processes:

The industrial graduate school Resource-smart Processes is an initiative to further develop today’s processes in the forest-, textile- and chemical industries through better use of bio-based raw materials.

Resource-smart Processes aims at strengthened competitiveness for Swedish industry through new research results, supply of skills through education and rejuvenation, and broadened personal networks for industry and academia.

The graduate school is a national initiative and is funded by participating industry, academia and Vinnova through the strategic innovation program BioInnovation. The initiative is coordinated by Chalmers, KTH and the research platform Treesearch. Read more at

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