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Artificial lignin detected when the pulping process is closely studied
Nicola Giummarellas has identified new types of lignin that are formed in the Kraft process - and mapped another 10% of the lignin structure. The project has been conducted in collaboration with Stora Enso and is a project in Treesearch's and BioInnovation's call from 2017.
Nicoa Giummarella, KTH. Photo: Johan Olsson.
Nicoa Giummarella, KTH. Photo: Johan Olsson.

Lignin has gone from a residual product to becoming highly interesting as a raw material for more value-creating products. However, there are still many knowledge gaps around lignin, something that Nicola’s research together with Stora Enso has helped to fill. Nicola’s research is now highlighted in an interview on BioInnovation’s website.

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Fractional Profiling of Kraft Lignin Structure: Unravelling Insights on Lignin Reaction Mechanisms
Nicola Giummarella, Pär A. Lindén, Dimitri Areskogh, and Martin Lawoko
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2020 8 (2), 1112-1120


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