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Next generation transparent wood is here – 100% biobased
Researchers at WWSC have now taken the step to make the transparent wood 100% renewable and produced with only green chemistry.
Photo: Céline Montanari, WWSC/KTH
Photo: Céline Montanari, WWSC/KTH

Much has happened since the first publication on the transparent wood; a bio composite that combines transparent properties with the strength of wood. Since 2016 the material has been given special properties such as thermo-regulation and other intelligent properties. Now a new milestone has been reached: fully bio-based transparent wood, made with green chemistry.

– We have replaced the fossil-based polymers we previously used. It has been one of the difficulties we have had, to get sustainable transparent wood, says professor Lars Berglund, WWSC / KTH.

The results were recently published in Advanced Science.

– The research we do on these materials paves the way for new wood nanotechnology, says Lars Barglund to

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Céline Montanari, Yu Ogawa, Peter Olsén, Lars A. Berglund

High performance, fully bio-based, and optically transparent wood biocomposites, Advanced Science, 

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