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Research on lignin and chipping rewarded by the Gunnar Sundblad Research Foundation
Christian Kugge, SCA R&D Center, is awarded the 2021 Competence Development Award by the Gunnar Sundblad Research Foundation. Jessica Gard Timmerfors, MoRe Research, receives the Young Researcher´s Award, which this year is awarded for the first time by the foundation.
sundbladsfonden vinnare 2021-2

The Gunnar Sundblad Research Foundation’s annual Competence Development Award aims to promote the development of the Swedish pulp and paper industry’s transformation towards improved and new products and services. This year,  Christian Kugge, SCA R&D Centre, is awarded for his research on lignin.

The awardis motivated by:

“By combining basic catalysis with applied research in collaboration with world-class researchers, Christian Kugge creates new opportunities for the transformation of the forest industry’s residual stream lignin. This increases the potential of lignin as a raw material source for new materials and biofuels. ”

Read more in the press release “700 000 kronor för nytt sätt att förädla lignin” (in Swedish)

This year was the first time that the foundation awards the Young Researcher’s Award, which is given to a researcher who has worked in forest industry research for a maximum of five years after a dissertation. First prize winner is Jessica Gard Timmerfors, MoRe Research, who is awarded the prize with the justification:

“By studying wood chips with the help of modern methods and techniques, Jessica Gard Timmerfors lays the foundation for increased opportunities for efficient use of wood raw material. In addition, she highlights wood chips as a research area that is relevant and current for both industry and academia. ”

Read more in the press release “Tilldelas 400 000 kronor för ambitiöst forskningsmål för flis” 8in Swedish)

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