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Research on materials from the forest on IVA's 100 list 2021
When IVA lists current research projects with a special potential to create societal impact, there are two projects using the forest as a raw material - 'Fully green energy harvester' and 'Nordic Biorubber'.

This year’s Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) 100 list focuses on crisis preparedness and society’s ability to handle crises. Of the 51 listed projects, two projects use the forest as a raw material:

Fully green energy harvester, Mid Sweden University. The project uses cellulose-based materials to manufacture triboelectric nanogenerators (TENG) that can store energy from mechanical movements and is lead by Renyun Zhang.

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Nordic Bio-Rubber, KTH. The project develops new biomaterials of birch bark, a residual of the Scandinavian pulp and paper industry and forms the basis for the start-up Reselo. On writes Lauren McKee and Thomas Baumgarten more about the research.   

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On IVA’s website you can read more about the 100 list. There you will also find the list from 2020, where there are more projects with the forest as a raw material.

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