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Treesearch Bootcamp - a unique intensive course for academia and industry
The intensive course Treesearch Bootcamp is returning for the second time this fall. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the processes that constitute the core of the forest industry - from wood chips to finished products. Treesearch Bootcamp includes both theory and practical laboratory exercises and pilot-scale runs on the pilot paper machine FEX.
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A course for increasing the knowledge about the industry and the core processes of the forest industry: that’s the idea behind the Treesearch’s Bootcamp course. Over a few intensive weeks (hence the name Bootcamp), participants gain both theoretical and practical knowledge about the forest industry’s processes.

“Bootcamp is a unique course, made for you who want an insight into the industrial processes, whether you’re newly employed in the industry or active in academia,” says Gunnar Westman, responsible for education in Treesearch.

In the course, participants follow the process from wood chips to finished paper through lectures and experiments, ranging from “regular” lab-scale to runs on the pilot paper machine FEX at RISE.

From lab-scale to pilot-scale – the participants in Treesearch Bootcamp get to test both.

“The initiative of Treesearch Bootcamp is very welcome for several reasons,” says Pia Wågberg, contact person at RISE. “Increasing the competence in the field is important, but above all, it’s great to collaborate with academia on courses where we have complementary experiences, skills, and tools. Being able to offer FEX in this course is as close as you can get to translating theory into practice in education.”

The course will be held as a hybrid course with a common kick-off in Stockholm as well as a joint pilot run. In between, lectures will be held online, and laboratory exercises carried out either at KTH or Karlstad University, where the location is chosen by the course participants individually in the registration.

“We want the course to be accessible and facilitate participation for participants from our entire country,” says Gunnar Westman. “At the previous occasion, a similar format was held, but then partly due to the pandemic. It was appreciated, and we kept the format for this round as well. New for this year is the common start, or kick-off, on-site, to give everyone a chance to meet each other.”

Maria Karlsson, KTH, (left) and Mozhgan Hashemzehi, Karlstad University (right), participated in the course 2021.

Two who participated in Treesearch Bootcamp 2021 are Maria Karlsson, KTH, and Mozhgan Hashemzehi, Karlstad University, both very satisfied with the course.

“The course was very rewarding, and I recommend everyone who wants to gain a holistic view and increase their understanding of industrial processes to take the course,” says Maria Karlsson, in 2021 PhD student within WWSC and now researcher and co-founder of a research-based start-up.

Mozhgan Hashemzehi, who at the time of the course had just started her doctoral position, agrees.

“The knowledge and skills I acquired during the course have been invaluable to my research and academic journey. I encourage my fellow PhD candidates to take the opportunity to attend the next Treesearch Bootcamp course.  I assure you, this course will provide valuable and satisfying experiences.” says Mozhgan Hashemzehi.

Mozhgan Hashemzehi och hennes labbgrupp i FEX maskinrum
Mozhgan Hashemzehi och hennes labbgrupp i FEX maskinrum

More about Treesearch Bootcamp

Treesearch Bootcamp starts in the end of September. The detailed schedule for the course is being finalized and will be published soon. The number of spots is limited, and to secure a spot, you can register at the course website.

The course is free to attend for those who are Treesearch associated or active at one of Treesearch’s partner organizations.

If you have any questions please contact Gunnar Westman,

Read more at the course website

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