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Treesearch Insight 2023 Lund – world-class research infrastructure
Two days of world-class research infrastructure - both with presentations and study visits - that was what the participants in the Treesearch Insight 2023 conference in Lund got to experience. An extra focus was on ForMAX, where the conference was the first occasion where the results from the beamline were presented!
Treesearch Insight 2023-40
En grupp människor står i en stor hall med apparater och lyssnar på en guide som berättar
Ola Wallberg, Lund University, demonstrates Biomass Steam Pretreatment to a group of participants at Treesearch Insight 2023.

The first day was dedicated to the equipment available at Lund University of Technology, specifically the Biomass Steam Pretreatment facility, the 4D Imaging Lab, and nCHERM – National Center for High-Resolution Electron Microscopy. After a joint introduction, all conference participants received a guided tour of the infrastructures with the opportunity to ask the researchers questions.

In the evening, there was the opportunity for all conference participants to present their research and network in a poster session. Abstracts for the posters can be found online here..

Människor står och diskuterar framför skärmar med postrar
The poster display provided an opportunity to network and discuss future opportunities.

During the second day, the focus was on the use of synchrotron facilities for research and development of future materials from forest raw materials. A special focus here was  ForMAX, the unique beamline at MAX IV designed for forest-based materials and processes.

During the morning, the participants got examples of what can be done at synchrotron facilities and examples of completed experiments from both an academic and industrial perspective.

Kim Nygård, responsible for ForMAX at MAX IV, stated that although he has given over 100 presentations at various conferences about the possibilities with ForMAX, this was the first conference with users and results from ForMAX!

Christel Andersson, Tetra Pak, gave an inspirational and energetic presentation at Treesearch Insight 2023.

Not least presented Eskil Andréasson, Tetra Pak, and Linnéa Björn, Chalmers, for the very first time the results from very first industrial experiments at ForMAX! The conference also provided an overview of what other industries are doing through the invited speaker Stefan Norberg from AstraZeneca.

A common denominator in all presentations was the importance of collaboration. The results that were shown were all telling examples of how, through successful collaboration – between researchers in academia, between academia and industry, and with the researchers at synchronous facilities – results can be achieved that can provide the key to the future’s sustainable materials from the forest.

The conference ended with an appreciated study visit to MAX IV and ForMAX.

Presentation of ForMAX available online

Did you miss the conference or want to take part in the ForMAX presentation again? Kim Nygård’s presentation is now available online at Treesearchs Youtube channel (and below).

On Youtube, you can also take part in Tomas Rosén’s, KTH, presentation “Synchrotrons! A non-technical guide to the what’s, whys and hows” which gives an introduction to synchrotrons. This presentation was also given during the Treesearch Insight conference.

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