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Treesearch courses

The material in Treesearch’s course program is still in the works; some course information will be updated.

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Other courses at Swedish universities

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Treesearch course classification

Treesearch’s course program is developed within the collaboration between industry and academia.

The O-courses, Overview, are courses that provide broader general knowledge and which usually do not require any prior knowledge in the field. Students at the master’s level also have the opportunity to participate in O-courses.

F-courses, Focus, are aimed at providing in-depth knowledge of scientific phenomena, and processes that are industrially relevant. These courses are aimed at those who are active in specific subject areas.

These courses provide participants with theoretical and practical training in advanced research infrastructure, sample preparation and evaluation of raw data from instruments. The courses run over a 3-4 day period and lectures and exercises are combined with group projects.

WWSC Academy are courses that contain lectures, study visits and group work on specific topics for 3 – 4 days and are arranged by WWSC twice a year. The courses are open to all Treesearch doctoral students.

The heading lists courses outside Treesearch’s course program that are of interest to the research area.