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Tiina's Treesearch Research Infrastructure application a success story

Success. This is the word that Tiina Nypelö, assistant professor at Chalmers, describes her experience with the Treesearch research infrastructure. In April last year she applied for advanced characterization measurements via

– We had a project where we had cellulosic material and were interested in characterization of the crystallinity and interested in putting a number to the crystallinity. It seems like an easy task, but it’s not.

To go further with research question, Tiina applied for access to the Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) at Chalmers via Treesearch. Through this application, she also got support for both the experimental setup and analysis of the data from Barbara Berke. This is combination, of both instrument time and support from an expert is something that Tiina describes with one word: success.

– It appeared almost too easy for me since I got so good help from Barbara. Barbara was taking the lead and giving her expertise to our project. It was a great success.

So why should researchers use treesearch’s support for infrastructure?

– We researchers always want to do more than we as individuals are capable of. To answer our really tough research questions we need collaboration, we need help. Sometimes we need instruments that we don’t have and the expertise for these instruments and for this, the Treesearch research infrastructure is perfect, says Tiina.