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2020 jan 31


10:15 - 11:15


Treesearch corridor, KTH


Professor Heikki Tenhu

Scientific Session: Professor Heikki Tenhu

Phase separation and remixing of aqueous responsive polymers

Welcome to a seminar with Professor Heikki Tenhu on phase separation and remixing of aqueous responsive polymers. Heikki Tenhu is Professor in polymer chemistry and Head of the Department of Chemistry at University of Helsinki. 
CV Prof Heikki Tenhu >>

The seminar is open for you who are Treesearch associated, by streaming or at KTH (Treesearch, Teknikringen 38a).

Registration for streaming of the seminar:   Registration is needed for the streaming (registration closes January 29). A link will be emailed to the registered participant after the registration closes. For attending the seminar at KTH you don’t have to register, but it makes it easier for the organizers to plan.