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2019 maj 09


14:00 - 15:00


Treesearch corridor, KTH


Prof. Joseph Schlenoff

Scientific Session: Professor Joseph Schlenoff

Sticky Interactions in Polyelectrolyte Complexes and Coacervates

Professor Schlenoff is an expert on polyelectrolytes and their interactions at the solid liquid interface and he is also a well-known and well-cited name in the polyelectrolyte Layer-by-Layer community. He has also co-edited two editions of the book “Multi-layer thin films” together with professor Gero Decher.

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Polymers have various mechanisms for interacting with each other in solution, the most common is through entanglement at high concentration. Polymers with opposite charge can also stick to each other via ion pairs between charged segments. The viscoelastic responses for a series of polyelectrolyte complexes, PECs, having various molecular weights were measured. All characteristic lifetimes were slowed by “sticky” dynamics of positive, Pol+ and negative, Pol-, pairing. Time-temperature-salt doping superposition, TTSS, was achieved by considering the “saloplasticizing” effects of increasing salt concentration on PECs.

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