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2019 dec 04


13:00 - 16:00


SLU Umeå



SLU Workshop on the use of synchrotron light in research

Welcome to a seminar held by SLU on the use of synchrotron light in the research! You can take part of the seminar online (no registration) or at SLU (registration needed).


Kim Nygård, MAX IV 
” ForMAX – multiscale structural characterization”

Ulf Skyllberg, SLU Umeå 
“Combination of Sulfur XANES and Mercury EXAFS spectroscopy to reveal the chemical speciation of Hg in soils and waters”

Alexandr Talyzin, Umeå University 
“Description of different X-ray based techniques at European synchrotrons including the application process”

Mikael Thyrel, SLU Umeå
“Synchrotron-based techniques for detailed image analysis of forest biomaterials”

Fifth presenter/expert t.b.a. later

Participate at SLU:

If you want to take part of the seminar at SLU, please register by sending an email to Mikael Thyrel .
Coffee in the afternoon pause is included.

Follow the seminar online: 
To follow the seminar via online streaming, please follow the link below. No registration is needed.