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2019 apr 02 - 04


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Treesearch Insight: 11th Fundamental Mechanical Pulp Research Seminar April 3-4 2019

Welcome to the 11th Fundamental Mechanical Pulp Research Seminar in Norrköping, Sweden, April 3-4, 2019. 
Last day to register is March 15


Tuesday  April 2 – Hospitalsgatan 30 Norrköping

18:00 Evening reception and registration ÅF Industry’s facilites

Wednesday  April 3 – Renströmmen Norrköping city


Keynote speakers

Tommy Wiksand – Holmen Paper – A company in transition based on mechanical pulp
Thomas Granfeldt – Valmet – High Yield Pulping – now and forever!
Per Engstrand – FSCN – Research trends in high yield pulping

10:30 Coffee break

10:50 Process technology

Per Engstrand – Decrease in strength along a process line for SC paper
Lars Johansson – Chip washers – do we need them?
Christer Sandberg – The centre plate design effect refiner performance
Per Gradin – The Influence of the Cutting Rate on the Damage State of a Wood Chip

12:10 Lunch

13:10 Fibre Modification and new products

Tove Joelsson – Unique steel belt press technology for development of high strength wood-containing papers
Rana Alimohammadzadeh – Sustainable Surface Engineering of Chemimechanical Pulp Fibers  by Synergistic Combination of Metal-free Catalysis and Polyelectrolyte Complexes
James Olson – Low Consistency Refined Microfibre: MFC alternative for High Bulk, High Tear and High Tensile Mechanical Pulp
David Myja – 4-acetamido-TEMPO-mediated oxidation of wood chips and thermomechanical pulp in large scale

14:30 Coffee break

Hafizur Rahman – Maximized wood chip impregnation efficiency validated by new miniaturized X-ray fluorescence techniques
Gunilla Pettersson – Market pulp of CTMP with double strength properties 
Erik Persson – Spruce HT-CTMP revisited – A high yield, energy efficient pulp for future products

17:00 Seminar closing day 1

18:00 Guided tour Norrköping city
19:00 Dinner, Louis de Geer


Thursday  April 4 – Holmen Braviken

08:30 Bus from Scandic City to Holmen Braviken Paper Mill 
09:00 Welcome to seminar day 2 

09:00 Modelling and control

Fredrik Bengtsson – Refining models for optimization and control – How to use such models for pulp and handsheet property estimations
Johan Sund – Effects of online pulp analysis frequency and chest retention time on refiner control performance
Anders Karlström – Deep learning in Refining Processes – A Pre-study of Internal and External Variables Impact on Pulp Properties
Johan Persson – Modelling feed to a double disk refiner

10:20 Coffee break

Magnus Heldin – On tool engagement in groundwood pulping — in-situ observations and numerical modelling at the microscale

11:00 Fibre characterisation 

Göran Thungström – Evaluation of pulp by optical transmission and scattering measurement
Ola Johansson – Experiences of Single Point Morphology Measurements in Mechanical Pulp
Olof Ferritsius – Heterogeneity

12:00 Lunch

13:15 Study visit Holmen Braviken

Fredrik Holgersson, Mill Manager,  Welcome to Braviken
Fredrik Bragsjö, Pulp mill Manager – TMP Braviken
14.00 Guided mill tour

15:15 Seminar closing
15:30 Bus to city


Questions concerning the seminar

Inger Axbrink, Mid Sweden University, FSCN research centre,, phone  +46 (0)10-1428899

Research related questions

Professor Per Engstrand, Mid Sweden University, FSCN research centre, e-mail, phone +46 (0)101428649

Researcher Christer Sandberg, Holmen Paper AB, e-mail, phone +46 (0)703133375