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2020 jan 22


13:30 - 16:00


KTH / online


Dr Anna Walkiewicz

Other Organizers

Sofia Pettersson

Treesearch Research Infrastructure Seminar: Electron Microscopy – Dr Anna Walkiewicz, Quorum Technologies

Welcome to a Treesearch Electron Microscopy seminar with Dr. Anna Walkiewicz from Quorum Technologies (Laughton, UK). Dr. Walkiewicz will present her work on ultra-thin coating techniques and the immense influence they have on image resolution for both SEM and TEM applications.

Registration is needed for the streaming (registration closes on January 21st at 12:00).


13:30 – 15:00 – Ultrathin Metal Coatings as a Solution for Successful SEM Imaging of Fiber- and Polymer-Based Materials

15:00 – 16:00 – Why Ultrahigh Quality Plays Significant Role in Carbon Supports Preparation of TEM grid and TEM Imaging

The seminar will be divided into two parts. One will detail how sputter parameters can be optimized to render ultrathin metal coatings for imaging of nanostructures, enabling visualization of previously obscured details in the discrete morphologies of nanofibers (case study abstract 1). The other will cover the influence of ultra-high-quality carbon support films for TEM imaging, and how the various aspects of substrate preparation have a direct influence on the final outcome (abstract 2).



Dr. Anna E. Walkiewicz is the Applications Specialist at Quorum Technologies. She holds a PhD from the University of Birmingham, where she researched the recognition of chirality at nanoscale. During her previous role as Applications Scientist for SEM and AFM products at Keysight Technologies, she acknowledged the extreme importance of proper sample preparation for high resolution imaging. Her main area of interest lays in discovering the outcome of processes occurring at the upermost part of surfaces.


The seminar is organized as a part of the Treesearch Research Infrastructure Electron Microscopy Series in a collaboration with Dr. Sofia Pettersson, the product specialist at Rowaco (Linköping, Sweden



Registration is needed for the streaming (registration closes on January 21st at 12:00). For attending the seminar at KTH you don’t have to register, but it makes it easier for the organizers to plan.