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Treesearch@KTH lunch November 7

THEME: Synchrotron measurements – how to do it?

Synchrotrons are powerful tools in the development of new materials from the forests. With these advanced, large research infrastructures, such as MAX IV in Lund and DESY in Hamburg, it is possible to characterize samples at extremely high resolution. But practically, if you want to do a measurement, how does it work? 

During this lunch seminar, Tomas Rosén will share his experience on how you get access to synchrotrons and what to think about before, during and after your beam time. 

This seminar is for you who are interested in doing your own analysis at a synchrotron. Completely new to synchrotrons and just got interested? Don’t worry, Tomas will give a short introduction about what you can use it for. 


Register no later than Tuesday November 5 for free lunch! (You are welcome to attend without registration/lunch)

When: November 7, 12:00 – 13:00 (lunch served from 11.45)
Where: Treesearch corridor, Teknikringen 38a
Presenter: Tomas Rosén