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From fundamentals to new materials

Course content:

The course contains 4 topics covering the following:

  1. History and development of nanocelluloses (NC).
  2. Knowledge of the structure of the fibre wall and the overall link to nanocellulose extraction.
  3. Different types of NCs, their colloidal properties and essential characterization techniques.
  4. Materials and applications from nanocellulose.

Learning objectives:

  1. History and development of nanocelluloses and their current standing as an industrially applicable product.
  2. Fundamental knowledge of the structure of the fibre wall including fibril aggregates, hemicellulose and lignin, and the overall link to nanocellulose extraction via chemical and mechanical processes.
  3. Understanding of the different types of nanocelluloses and how key chemical and morphological differences alters behaviour in dispersions and materials.
  4. Basic understanding of essential nanocellulose characterization techniques including, scattering techniques, spectroscopy, surface probe microscopy and electron microscopy.
  5. Fundamental understanding of colloidal properties and self-assembly and how they can be tuned for the design of materials.
  6. Design and application of new and innovative materials utilizing nanocellulose including, gels, emulsions, advanced papers, sensors, composites, biomedical devices and electroactive materials.
  7. Current challenges limiting the wide spread use of nanocelluloses.
October 17 – 20, 2022





Lars Wågberg, Michael Reid and invited international and national speakers.


Copy of hand-outs and relevant literature.


Accepted for doctoral studies at universities and higher-education institutions, and external participants with similar competence.

Course fee:

For Treesearch associated Ph.D-students and post-doc the course is free of charge. For persons from Industries associated to Treesearch the course cost is 5000 SEK for one person, 9000 SEK (4500 SEK/person) for two persons and 12000 SEK (4000 SEK/person) for three persons. For persons belonging to organizations not associated to Treesearch the cost is 21 300 SEK.

Course responsible:

Lars Wågberg, Michael Reid
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Maximum number of participants: 20

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