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NMR Spectroscopy introduction level

Molecular Structure and Dynamics by NMR Spectroscopy in solution state

Course content:

The course contains 5 topics covering the followings

  1. Basic principles of NMR spectroscopy, the spectrometer
  2. Spectral parameters (chemical shift, couplings)
  3. Relaxation, 13C-NMR, Polarization transfer experiments,
    Nuclear Overhauser Effect (NOE)
  4. 2D-NMR spectroscopy, Protocol for routine structure determination
  5. Dynamic NMR Spectroscopy

Additional to the lectures a significant amount of time will be spent on solving problems and answering questions.

Learning objectives:

It is a practice oriented course to develop knowledge and understanding of the application of various one- and two-dimensional NMR experiments to gives the skills to elucidate structures and solve kinetic problems in solutions of small organic molecules.

May 14-27, 2024




April 30, 2024


Zoltan Szabo and Gunnar Westman


There are no textbooks dedicated to this course. Nevertheless, the topics of the course are more or less covered by the following books (from John Wiley & Sons): Neil E. Jacobsen: NMR Spectroscopy Explained: Simplified Theory, Applications and Examples for Organic Chemistry and Structural Biology (2007) S. A. Richards, J. C. Hollerton: Essential Practical NMR for Organic Chemistry (2011) Eberhard Breitmaier: Structure Elucidation by NMR in Organic Chemistry: A Practical Guide (2003)


Course fee:

For Treesearch associated Ph.D-students and post-doc the course is free of charge. For persons from Industries associated to Treesearch the course cost is 5000:- SEK for one person, 9000:- (4500:-/person) SEK for two persons and 12000:- (4000:-/person) for three persons. For persons belonging to organizations not associated to Treesearch the cost is 21.300 SEK

Course responsible:

Zoltan Szabo
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Maximum number of participants: 20

You can make a registration of interest through Treesearch but the final registration will be through the KTH system.


If you have problems with the registration please contact