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Soft cellulose-based robotics

The project is focused on the development of novel concepts for soft electromechanical actuators and robotics based on nanocellulose composites. Nanocellulose foams are light weight and compressible, making them ideal for functionalization for actuators. Magnetic and electronic functional composites will be developed and fabricated into novel device concepts. The project is part of WWSC.

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Simulation and modelling of wood-based advanced functional materials

In this project we perform multi-scale theoretical modelling of wood-based materials and devices ranging from the Molecular Dynamics and ab initio simulations on the atomistic level to the drift-diffusion device simulation on the system level to answer the fundamental questions concerning material structure, morphology, polymerization, porosity, ion diffusion, role of water, solvents and many others,

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The tunicap project aims to investigate how cellulose extracted from ocean living tunicates (swedish: sjöpungar) can be used in cellulose-based organic electronic components, especially supercapacitors. One of the project aims is comparison with forest-based cellulose and nanocellulose and understanding of the similarities and differences.

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0-3D Production of power papers

In 0-3D, we explore process protocols and manufacturing techniques for products based on electro-functionalized cellulose and cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) at large scale and volumes – Production of Power Papers. Bulky cellulose and CNF structures are excellent as the 3D scaffold for electro-active nanoparticles (0D), nano-fibers (1D) and coaxial coatings (2D) in order to scale-up high-performing

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Wallenberg Wood Science Center

Wallenberg Wood Science Center is a research center with a focus on new materials from trees. The center creates knowledge and builds competence that has the potential to form the basis for an innovative and sustainable future value creation from forest raw materials. WWSC is a joint research center between KTH Royal Institute of Technology,

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