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Development of a new rheometer system at MAX IV

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Rheometry explores the relationship between forces and motion through (continuum) constitutive relations and suitably defined material functionsi. Rheometry is important for soft matter from two main reasonsii: (i) to investigate correlations between molecular structure and material behavior and (ii) to attempt the prediction of flow behavior in complex situations using material parameters determined in simple, i.e. rheometric, motions. Both approaches are critical for the development of new materials, for the understanding of material behavior in dynamic conditions (flow) and the design of processing routes for improved material properties via flow-field filler interaction. Thus, the basic idea of the project is to design a modular and flexible rotational rheometry system for CoSAXS and ForMAX allowing for most of the rheological experiments currently possible at the different synchrotrons and add on some novel very specific features, as summarized in the technical description included in the outline. Rheo-SAXS constitutes one of the main scientific cases for CoSAXS and will be an important technique at ForMAX since ForMAX industrial investors are interested in flow properties. The project is a cooperation between Chalmers (R. Kádár, M. Liebi, A. Matic) and MAX IV (Kim Nygård, Ann Terry).

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