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Amparo  Jiménez Quero 


Research area:

Specializing in process design, my focus lies in harnessing biomass for the production of chemicals, materials, and additives. I am particularly intrigued by pioneering resources and technologies that optimize biomass utilization, alongside a commitment to advancing sustainable practices in industrial processes.

My research proficiency encompasses:

– Designing green chemistry processes to convert biomass into high-value molecules relevant for health and material applications.

– Employing advanced glycomic methods to delve into the molecular intricacies of carbohydrates, elucidating their bioactivity and structural correlations.

– Leveraging microorganisms and their enzymes to degrade complex polymeric matrices, with applications spanning industrial and environmental realms.

– Investigating the bioactive properties of carbohydrate fractions sourced from diverse biomass such as lignocellulose, algae, fungi, and bacterial origins.

– Researching innovative methods to utilize fungal mycelium as a sustainable alternative for the production of various materials, ranging from packaging to construction components, aiming to understand the unique properties of mycelium and optimize its application in diverse industrial sectors, contributing to the advancement of eco-friendly and resource-efficient solutions.



Coordinator Horizon Europe project CIRCALGAE 

Associated PI to WWSC