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The schedule for the parallel sessions

Presentations in the parallel sessions and posters

The parallel sessions at Treesearch Progress 2019 is divided into four themes; Sourcing and modification, Process and rheology, Properties of materials and Devices.  The rooms are located close to each other; making it possible to switch between the sessions. The parallel sessions takes place day two, May 8, between 11.15 and 15.15. 

The posters will be available in the main conference room during the whole conference.

A book of abstract will be available for the registered participants. 

The schedule for the parallel sessions

Session:Sourcing and modificationProcesses and rheologyProperties of materialsDevices
Room:SälenUtternSvanenStora bakfickan
11.15Technical Lignin Heterogeneity: A Case Study of Kraft lignin,
Martin Lawoko, KTH

Molecular engineering of the CNF/PCL interface by surface modification for reactive melt-processing of bio-nanocomposites
Tahani Kaldeus, KTH

Studying the alignment of nanocellulose in in-situ 3D printing nozzles by microfluidics and SAXS,
Barbara Berke, Chalmers
A Multiparameter Pressure–Temperature–Humidity Sensor Based on Mixed Ionic–Electronic Cellulose Aerogels,
Shaobo Han, LiU
11.30Eco-friendly and innovative catalytic surface modifications of nanocellulosic materials,
Rana Alimohammadzadeh, Miun
Flow-field filler interaction in cellulose based systems via advanced and hyphenated rheological techniques,
Roland Kádár, Chalmers
An accurate continuum model for paperboard,
Kristofer Robertsson, LU
R2R spray deposition of CNF thin films studied real-time using surface sensitive scattering methods,
Calvin Brett, KTH
11.45MFC from Tunicate for Biocompatible Supercapacitors,
Desalegn Alemu Mengistie, LiU
The formation and utilisation of cellulose nanofibril networks ,
Johan Erlandsson, KTH
Internal structural evolution of regenerated cellulose beads during drying,
Hailong Li, KTH
Greyscale and paper electrochromic polymer displays by UV patterning,
Robert  Brooke , RISE
12.00Combining bases in aqueous solution to investigate the role of the cation for dissolution of cellulose,
Beatrice Swensson, Chalmers
Sustainable design for direct thia-functionalization of nanocellulosic material,
Abdolrahim Abbaszadrafi, Miun
Natural fibre thermoplastic composite for interior applications,
Pooria Khalili, Chalmers
Paper batteries using nature-based redox molecules,
Jesper Edberg, RISE
12.15New developments in fouling and cleaning of membrane processes in ligno-cellulosic biorefineries,
Gregor Rudolph, Lunds University
Dynamic Nanocellulose Networks for Thermoset-like yet Recyclable Ethylene-Acrylate Copolymer Composites,
Anna Peterson, Chalmers
Interactions between cellulose rich materials and conductive polymers: Influence of ionic strength,
Karishma  Jain, KTH
Highly Conducting and Flexible Graphene:Cellulose Composite Sheets Fabricated with Paper Making Process,
Patrik Isacsson, LiU and Andreas Fall, RISE
13.30Tailor-making industrial feedstock for chemical conversion of pulp mill bark residues,
Andreas Averheim, SLU
Wet-stable aerogels of cellulose nanofibrils using multivalent ions and complexing bio-polymers,
Hugo Françon, KTH
PEDOT:PSS Organization on Cellulose,
Dagmawi Belaineh, RISE
Composite between conducting polymer and lignin for energy storage,
Fareed Ahmed, LiU
13.45Stabilising mannose using sodium dithionite at alkaline conditions,
Pär Lindén, KTH
Visual and rheological investigations of cellulose nanocrystals suspension flow using polarized light,
Mina Fazilati, Chalmers
Composites with surface-grafted cellulose nanocrystals (CNC),
Lilian Forsgren, Chalmers
Highly conductive and strechable nanocellulose composites ,
Thomas Öhlund, Miun
14.00Superamphiphobic wood surface based on silicone nanofilaments,
Haiyan Yin, RISE
Flow dynamics, orientation and alignment of colloidal fiber dispersion in extensional and shear flows,
Krishne Gowda.V, KTH
Renewable thermosetting resins based on refined technical lignin,
Marcus Jawerth, KTH
Solar steam generation enabled by cellulose aerogels,
Shaobo Han, LiU
14.30Membrane filtration of kraft lignin: separation behaviour, structural characteristics and antioxidant activity of lignin fractions,
Olena Sevastyanova, KTH
Extrusion of nano-cellulose reinforced thermoplastics,
Abhijit Venkatesh, Chalmers
Multi-scale modeling of short fiber bio-composites,
Mohsen Mirkhalaf, LU
Supercapacitors on demand: all-printed energy storage devices with adaptable design. ,
Robert  Brooke , RISE
14.45Modeling feed to a double disk refiner,
Johan Persson, Miun
Impact of nanocelluloses on the rheology and microstructure of pectin hydrogels ,
Patricia Lopez-Sanchez, RISE
Hierarchical cellulose films,
Tiina Nypelö, Chalmers
Hydrophobic and antibacterial textile fibres prepared by covalently attaching betulin to cellulose,
Tianxiao Huang, KTH
15.00Investigation of surface fouling during membrane crossflow filtration of wood components,
Tuve Mattsson, Chalmers
Tailored PISA-Latexes for Modification of Nanocellulosics; Investigating compatibilizing and Plasticizing effects,
Joakim Engström, KTH
Structure and morphology of enzymatic celluse nanofibril layers by spray coating,
Stephan Roth, KTH
Computational microscopy of PEDOT:PSS/cellulose composite paper,
Aleksandar Mehandzhiyski, LiU

The posters

Poster nrTitlePresenter
1Rheological And Film Properties Of Modified ArabinoxylansParveen Kumar Deralia, Chalmers
2Oxidized hemicelluloses for films – fundamentalsChonnipa Palasingh, Chalmers
3Preparation of lightweight hybrid organosilica foams from surface active aminosilane and cellulose nanofibrils by blending and ambient pressure dryingKorneliya Gordeyeva, KTH
4Insights in the Liberation of Cellulose Fibrils from the FibreJakob D. Redlinger-Pohn, KTH
5Rapid fabrication of cellulose nanopaper by conventional papermakingJatin Sethi, KTH
6µCT X-Ray imaging of paper deformationMalte Wallmeier, KTH
7Nanocellulose reinforcement for hyperthermia phantomsSaül  Llacer Navarro, Chalmers
8Green adhesives for wood based on side-streams from the pulp industryTijana Todorovic, KTH
9Advanced rheological characterisation of cellulose based systemsSylwia Wojno, Chalmers


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