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Paper surfaces – Characterisation and properties


This course gives you indepth knowledge about the paper surface science


  • Surface chemistry of paper Surface chemistry of paper
  • Surface topography
  • Pore structure
  • Surface characterization techniques
  • Light scattering and paper gloss – Effect of surface properties
  • Wettability, capillarity, spreading, special focus on short term wetting
  • Mechanical properties (incl. fracture mechanics) of coating layers
  • Ink–substrate interaction

Learning objectives

After the course, the participants should be able to 

  • apply a wide range of techniques used to characterize paper surface structure, paper surface chemistry and print quality, and account for the validity of the results of the same characterisation techniques
  • explain interfacial phenomena like wetting, absorption, friction and adhesion
  • describe the relation between surface topography and paper optical properties, and
  • describe how paper surface properties affect ink-paper interaction and print quality in different printing technologies.
  • describe the surface cracking phenomena on the basis of converting processes, substrate properties and coating layer composition.


Basic knowledge in paper technology. Some knowledge in surface science is desired but not requested.

September 30 – October 3, 2019

ECTS: 4.5

LOCATION: KTH Solid mechanics, Teknikringen 8 D, floor 1, Stockholm


Schedule: Find the preliminary schedule for the course here >>

Contributors: Prof. Peter Rättö, Doc. Li Yang, Dr Siv Lindberg, Dr Johan Alfthan, Dr Sofia Thorman, Dr Dimitar Valtakari and Lic Marie Ernstsson, RISE Bioeconomy; Prof. Agne Swerin KTH, Doc. Janet Preston, Imerys; Prof Patrick Gane, Aalto University.

Literature/Course material: Reprints from journals and handouts.

Course fee: The course is free of charge for PhD-students, postdocs and employees at Swedish universities. International PhD-students and postdocs are entitled to a reduced course fee of SEK 5 600:- (excl. VAT). Industrial participants and participants from institute are welcome to take the course as commissioned education. For participants from a Treesearch partner the course is free of charge; participants from other organisations pay a fee of  SEK 19 700:- (excl. VAT).

Contact persons/Course co-ordinators: Peter Rättö, RISE Bioeconomy, phone +46-8-67 67 463

The course is given in cooperation with  RISE Bieconomy.