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Wood Biorefinery: From wood chips to material components

WWSC Academy, Summer school 2

An introduction to biorefineries, with the main focus on the wood-based materials biorefinery


This course gives an introduction to biorefineries, with the main focus on the wood-based materials biorefinery. What is a wood-based materials biorefinery and why do we need this type?

The starting point of this course is the physical and chemical structure of the wood, including methods for chemical characterization. This will be followed with various methods (mechanical, chemical as well as enzymatic) to disassembly the wood matrix. Furthermore, some of the most important downstream separation methods (e.g. membrane fractionation and filtration) will be introduced. Examples of process concepts from wood to wood components will be discussed. A study visit at a mill is included.

The course is mandatory for WWSC PhD students. 10 spots are open for Treesearch-associated PhD-students (first come). 

Learning objectives

The main purpose of this course is to serve as an introduction to the wood based materials biorefinery. After the course the participants should be able to demonstrate:

  • knowledge about the concept behind biorefineries.
  •  knowledge about the situation for the present forest-based sector and drivers for converting it to materials biorefineries.
  • knowledge of the structure and chemical composition of wood.
  • knowledge regarding methods for the characterization of wood components.
  • knowledge of wood disassembly methods, including mechanical, chemical end enzymatic methods.
  •  knowledge about downstream separation methods for dewatering and purification of wood components.
  • knowledge regarding some enzymatic concepts including, biotech basics, wood degrading microorganisms, enzyme discovery and application of these enzymes.

August 27 – 31, 2019


LOCATION: Örnsköldsvik

REGISTRATION FOR TREESEARCH: register by sending mail to 

LAST DAY TO REGISTER: August 8 2019. 

Schedule: See full schedule and information here >>

Pre-requisites: As doctorial student: Enlisted as PhD student either to WWSC Academy or as associated to Treesearch to be able to register to the course. The research field should be in a scientific or engineering field related to material science/engineering, biotechnology, organic electronics, physics/physics engineering, chemistry or chemical engineering, or any other related field.

Contributors: Lecturers from KTH and Chalmers

Literature/course material: Handouts/and literature provide at lectures.

Course fee: The course is free of charge butyou have to either belong to WWSC Academy or be associated to Treesearch to be able to register to the course. The course are mandatory for all WWSC Ph.D-students and there are a limit number of places for Treesearch associated Ph.D-students.

 The cost for the travel and accommodation is covered by the participant.

Contact persons/Course co-ordinators: 

Hans Thealiander 
Tuve Mattson

For practical questions  (WWSC-Academy) contact Paul Gatenholm or (Treesearch) Gunnar Westman

The course is given in cooperation with Wallenberg Wood Science Center (WWSC)

Recommended accomodation: Dekarsön 300,891 78 BONÄSSUND,

Practical information:.

  1. Bring cloth for outdoor activities.
  2. Credits for the courses will be provided directly into LADOK for Chalmers students and as certificate for other students.
  3. Please notify if have special dietary preferences