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Treesearch Insight 2023

12. Silica-Lignin composite as bio-sorbent for wastewater purification

Nataliia Smyk and Olena Sevastyanova

Contamination by heavy metals and organic pollutants is a persistent environmental issue that requires efficient and sustainable solutions. This study presents the development of a new bio-based sorbent material produced by depositing hardwood kraft lignin onto porous silica gel particles. The obtained material was characterized using FTIR and SEM, revealing a well-defined surface morphology and chemical composition.

The new bio-based sorbent demonstrated high sorption capacity and fast kinetic towards metal ions Fe(III), Cu(II), and organic dyes Methyl orange. Due to its high adsorption efficiency, low cost, simplicity of disposal, and nontoxicity, the new sorbent is a promising material for removing inorganic and polar organic trace pollutants from water. This research contributes to the development of sustainable materials with potential environmental applications.