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Treesearch Insight: FMPRS

Treesearch sponsored the 11th Fundamental Mechanical Pulp Research Seminar (FMPRS)

Treesearch is a platform that gathers and supports research. Therefor, deputy Director Jenny Joensuu, was at the 11th Fundamental Mechanical Pulp Research Seminar (FMPRS) that was held in Norrköping on the 2-4 of April to present the Treesearch platform and the opportunities we provide for associated researchers.

Since we gather and support research we offer access to advanced research infrastructure, support to organize events and possibility to participate in courses, seminars and conferences. You are welcome to join if your research falls under any of the four thematic research areas and you are working at any university in Sweden or at any of our listed partners.

The FMPRS was packed with research presentations, a very nice evening event with some irish folk music and a site visit to Braviken. Read more of the event at News from Mid Sweden University (MIUN) and find the research presentations at MIUNs Webpage

We would like to thank the organizers for giving us the opportunity to participate at this very interesting research seminar!

A Treesearch presentation, at the 11th Fundamental Mechanical Pulp Research Seminar (FMPRS) in Norrköping, Sweden, by Deputy Director Jenny Joensuu, April 2018

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